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Types of Creative Roofs Can Use for Minimalist Homes


Minimalist houses usually have a size of 6x6 or above it's 7x7. Many types of roofs for the minimalist home, and should be chosen according to the design of your home. Here are some types of creative roofs that you can consider for your minimalist home.

1. Hip Roof

Hip Roof is a type of regular home roof. This type of house roof is very often found, and the most simple type of roof.

The design is a triangle above the house, and the surface is certainly uneven. But its strength can withstand strong winds, because of the uneven design.

2. Flat Roof

If you have a lot of budget, then the right choice is to make a flat roof. Besides being easier to build, the design is usually angled designed to make water not stagnant.

The advantage is not easy to leak. Especially for those of you who are in areas that are often heavy rain.

3. Gable

This roof design can be said to be the most popular design in Indonesia. The two sloping sides, each of which ends, meet with strong bars. Slope of at least 30 degrees.

The advantage, it is very good to face rain, also absorbs heat. Happens, can survive in a place that consists of two seasons, like in Indonesia.

4. Mansard roof

This type of roof gives the possibility of another room on the roof. This design looks so classic, so it was often built in Europe in ancient times.

The design is unique, but it is designed to deal with winter and rainy seasons. Not only that, but the part in the attic is also wide enough to be a room like a warehouse, to a room.

5. Gambrel roof

This roof is often similar to a granary. There are a total of four sloping planes, and only the top is closed. You may have seen this kind of roof design at Harvard University.

The advantage is to make the top of the house into a room again, right under the roof. Happens, it can be a room, to a storage area.

6. Skillion Roof

This roof is the choice of many minimalist houses in the current era. The roof rests against the wall, the slope is up to 20 inches and is very good for dealing with rain and snow.

When in the tropics, the tilt angle is designed to be able to protect from heat well.

Keeping the Roof of the Home Remains Good

So that the roof of the house remains good, of course, you need to do a restoration, repainting, or redesigning your roof. If you are abroad, in Australia for example, there are some professional roof restoration and repair providers.

One example is Roof Restoration Sydney, which can restore a fresh roof. The advantage is that there is a free inspection offer, to find out some cost options that you can choose.

One of the tips that you can consider is to make sure that only the high-quality roof you use above your home. Not only that, make sure that only professional craftsmen install or apply the best roof above your home.