05 January 2015

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By Adhyra Irianto

You must be read about; what is Reading Ability (Here) and what is Drama (Here) to find the connection with its. 

pojokseni.com - Teaching Process by Drama as a Medium in Increasing Reading Ability. 
The planning of inserting drama in teaching English begins with searching or making drama script that is related to standard of competency : React or responsive truly towards act to say: declare surprise feeling, warning, give/ask suggestion, declare request permission, declare feeling relief, pain, pleasure, declare feeling scared, unfold/ask opinion, satisfy or not satisfy.
The syllabus of drama must be designed and based on communication competence, not on the competence of intrinsic aspects of drama. Drama teaching uses communicative approach, not grammar translation approach, direct method, reading approach, or cognitive approach. Lecturer has to play a role as a facilitator to facilitate the students who find the difficulties. Lecturers provide all students the time to solve the problem. If the lecturer can be a good facilitator, drama learning process will be interested and full with joy. Each student also tries to do the best because they love what they are doing. In the end, the students comprehending of the manuscript are the key of the good performance on the stage.
In the implementation part, there are several aspects which need to be inspected, such as:
a. Teaching materials
Teaching materials can be taken from the literature which has been created by an author since 16th to 17th century or afterwards. Drama which is written by England or American author can be used, such as Waiting for Godot (Samuel Beckett), Desire under the Elms (Eugene O’Neil), and the legendary author, William Shakespeare who is so productive of writings like Romeo and Juliet, Julius Ceasar, Machbet, Hamlet, and many others. Lecturer has to choose an interesting topic to the students in order to make the perfect learning process with high interest level of the students.

 b. Teaching procedure
Before following the course, the students have been ordered to read the script of drama well, in order to make them ready and understand the whole content of that drama. Teacher will ask some question about that drama, such as characters, plot, setting, and the other aspects in a drama. Their understanding about drama can be investigated by giving them such a question. After that, teacher asks some student to presents a part act of drama and invites the students to discuss about it. There is an assumption that this phase of learning is too slow, but the fact shows that the students will feel that the time goes so fast because they really enjoy the show. Next step is where the teacher demonstrates language usage in drama. Language usage inside of drama is the main purpose of this learning process. Teacher also supposed to warn the students to know the important usage of language. The main purpose of language teaching is to guide the students in exploring language rule and the knowledge in the written and oral communication. The last step is to decide which drama that will be presented. They can freely explore and use their own words but still in the line of plot. Students are also expected to be more creative and imaginative. The last purpose of this learning process is to produce the students who can speak fluently and confidently. Students are also allowed to give their advices and comments to the other students’ presentation orally.

c. Seats arrangement
Seats table in class room can arrange in suitable form for make the communication can done easily. Teacher is not the central focus again, but sits around the students. The arrangement of seat table can in forms face to face, semi-circle, or full circle. Teacher also must can give a solution for student that find hard to express the dialog after read the drama script.

d. Medium of instruction
All of communication in class must in English. Students also make their self always use English, to make expressing English text easily. It also followed by assessment that can build the good dialog in drama based on the script. That is not in direct relating with reading ability, but only to make a good performance of drama. [1]
In other hand, that is founded that drama very effectively to improving many skills in use English, such as reading ability. It is because drama manuscript is dialog text which very different with other text. It makes student read carefully to find the meaning. Dialog text is hard to understand than other text because that text is come from two or more persons. It is makes other aspect, such as situation, around and emotion must understood by students.[2]

[1] Yusetyowati M.Pd , Penggunaan drama dalam  pengajaran bahasa Inggris,(Jurusan teknik sipil POLTEK Negeri Semarang, Semarang ,2008)
[2] Waluyo, Herman. Drama Teori dan Pengajarannya. (Yogyakarta : PT Hanindita Graha Widya,2003)

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